Pilates Stretching Class
(Adult Class · Parent-child Class)
For people who have muscle tension caused by daily stress, Pilates is a series of exercises which enables stretching and strengthening of targeted muscles, hence reducing tightness in muscles and avoiding muscles imbalance.
Pilates Resistance Band
(Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced)
Resistance Bands are often used in physiotherapy to assist rehabilitation. Through clear explanation of the Pilates theory with simple understanding of how muscles work, with the assistance of Resistance Bands, this course will teach students the correct use of muscles in order to prevent injuries, and enables the toning up of the muscles which reduces the proportion of body fat.

Classes are suitable for those who are usually sitting at their desks in the office, looking for the right way to train long lean muscles, sports injury rehabilitation and people who feel the need of gentle exercises.

Body Toning Class
Classes are catered for people who have the urge to move. With the use of music and dance routines, the body toning class enables students to gain endurance, body balance, coordination and the enjoyment to move!
普拉提伸展班 (成人班 · 親子班 )
普拉提阻力帶 (初班, 中班, 高班)